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Monel Products

Extremely resistant to corrosion, Monel Products are well known as the corrosion proof and rust-resistant materials. These can withstand corrosion, acids and fire in pure oxygen. Stronger than steel, these highly malleable products have low coefficient of thermal expansion. Highly immune to alkalis, these can be welded, soldered and brazed. Suitable for chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, marine engineering, pumps, shafts, fittings, valves, fasteners, and heat exchangers, these are also functional as the metal instruments as well as frames of lenses. In several applications, the Monel Products can replace stainless steel due to their cost-efficiency. Provided with tensile strength, extension at break and electrical resistance, these are adequately serviceable.
Monel Pipe
Monel Pipe

The Monel Pipe provides high-end mechanical strength and also has good ductility. The pipe provides resistance to most type of alkalis and acids. The pipe has smooth and shiny surface finish for smooth flow of liquid.

Price : 450 INR

Our Monel Bar is widely used marine sector and aerospace for various purposes. The Bar has excellent resistance to alkalis and acids as well. The Bar is used in piping systems, screw machine products and kitchen sinks.

Price : 1,600 INR